1d, 5sos, larry af blog with a bit of other bands. Little Mix, E3, Ed Sheeran, the 1975 and others :)

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((ask limit//selfies))

one direction blog with some 5sos and some other funny posts! following everyone back :)

5sos blog I follow back similar :)x

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fan: Can you believe they got back together after all that crap? x

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active 100% one direction blog and i'm larry as fuck so feel free to come and talk to me about their matching tattoos and such :)) following back similar!

One Direction and EXO blog with a bit of funny posts! :) I follow back :D

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1DAF, I post mainly spazzy gifs/pictures of Harry and the other boys.  I am also super into Ashton Irwin.  Following back all similar! ♥

100% 1d blog! I follow back similar!

super active 1d blog! i follow back EVERYONE xxxxx

Mostly 1D with lots of Harry, Louis, and HarryandLouis. REALLY close to my goal so I'm following back loads xx

Selfies to 78.4k!


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